Skin Trick will stop Stretch Marks.


As summer approaches, it’s time to dirt off the tank ace, flip flops, and swimsuits that you’ve been storing at intervals the rear of the closet since last year. But, if you feel keep relating to sporting a laundry suit thanks to stretch-mark-scarred skin, you’re not alone — ladies area unit fighting the battle for many years.

Stretch marks – also brought up as striae – area unit silvery-white bands of animal tissue that stripe the skin in areas where growth has outpaced the skin’s ability to stretch. Areas notably prone to scarring area unit the hips, thighs, lower belly, and breasts.

“Elastic fibers at intervals the deeper layers of skin stretch and snap, terribly sort of a band,” says Jessica Chinese, MD, a board-certified medical specialist in l. a. and conjointly the author of Feed Your Face. “The surface of the skin gets skinny and rippled, resulting in a stria.”

The cause: Any vary of triggers could result at intervals the crooked lines, similarly as a growth spurt, quick weight gain or loss, exercising, and state. Those who use steroid cream or take steroid pills area unit in peril for developing stretch marks, as steroids break down tissue within the skin. And, for the unfortunate few UN agency area unit significantly prone to stretch marks, bioscience area unit answerable, whereas others can progress with no a streak, says immortal Day, MD, a current royalty medical specialist.

What’s happening: In their infancy, stretch marks can look pink or purple, appear raised, and feel fretful as a result of tearing of blood vessels as skin quickly stretches. Once the hurt has been done, the dermis heals with animal tissue, and conjointly the lines flip a silvery-white shade that is a higher match to the encircling skin.

Treatment options: sadly, proven and effective treatment selections for stretch marks area unit still restricted currently. “Despite the nice advances we have in topical medications for skin conditions, none area unit shown to improve stretch marks significantly,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical analysis at intervals the department of medication at New York’s mountain peak middle.

Your best bet is to itinerary it to a medical specialist once stretching marks area unit still at intervals the baby stage of pink and purple discoloration. Applying tretinoin cream (like Retin A) daily for AN quantity of six months offers you the best shot at healing the marks, says Wu. Tretinoin works by stimulating new tissue, which in turn helps repair the stretch marks.

Once stretch marks have turned pale white, they’re more durable to treat. Lasers, a bit like the unfinished CO2, can facilitate improve and minimize the look. In contrast, tube lasers, a bit like the Vbeam that uses light-weight energy to dissolve blood vessels, can treat pink discoloration.

It’s a commonplace to envision a bevy of creams purporting to heal stretch marks on beauty shelves. However, Day warns that this is {often|this will be} often one state of affairs where the only real visible results you see can probably be throughout the dermatologist’s geographic point. “I haven’t seen any creams that eliminate stretch marks,” says Day. “Keep in mind that with any specialist medical treatment, it takes several visits to envision improvement.”

Preventative measures: whereas many of us area unit genetically destined to satisfy a stria fate, there area unit some stuff you may do to curb your possibilities of ending up with the vexing stripes. Avoid quick weight gain or loss, and certify your diet is flush in molecule since it includes the animal tissue necessary for skin to stretch, says Wu.

There is also vital anecdotal proof that free and frequent applications of cocoa butter can forestall stretch marks, notably throughout and once state. Some specialists besides believe that keeping skin well moisturized permits for added give and stretch whereas not trauma to the surface.




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